roleplaying characters

This is a list of the more notable characters that I've played in various games - PCs (player characters) and NPCs (non-player characters) alike.  Some will have their own pages, which will be linked from here.

Albion - World of Darkness (original), Shadowrun 1st and 2nd - NPC in both - A character that has been used in two disparate games, with two deviations in concept and purposes.  In the World of Darkness (original), Albion was the prince of the land of Faerie, eldest son of Titania, and heir to the throne of the Seelie Court.  In Shadowrun, he was an elf of some age, originally born in the early 1800s.  He was the son of one of the Immortal elves who remained amongst mankind.  In both, he was an adept of magical arts and ran a bookstore, Apollonian Books, located in London, England (though in Shadowrun, he had a branch in Seattle as well.) 

Atalanta - DC Heroes RPG 3rd edition - GMPC and NPC - In an alternate future of the DCU, Atalanta is a half-human, half-Amazon, an "Amazonian".  Proud warrior, she is sent to join The Gotham Knights.  In a further future, she is one of the last generals leading the resistance fighting against the invasion of Apokolips.  I would love to find some sort of supers game where I could play a version of her (preferably non-DCU), as she was one of the most fun characters I've created in a long time. 

Dust - Vampire The Masquerade 2nd - PC and NPC - Devon, a teenaged hacker and runaway turned Brujah propaganda machine.  Atypical of Clan Brujah, Dust is slight of frame and physically unremarkable.  Attractive, fair skinned and pretty-boyish, Dust doesn't strike most people as a Brujah.

George Half-Ogre - AD&D 1st - PC - George was a half-ogre barbarian.  With an INT of 5.  Yeah, what can I say?  I was like 15 or something.  Maybe younger. 

Joie Angeliquie d'Eleanor - Werewolf: The Apocalypse 2nd - PC - Joie was a refugee from Haiti, come to Miami by boat.  There, she became a mechanic and was discovered to be of the Bone Gnawers. 

Jonathan Victory - World of Darkness 2nd - PC and NPC - Jon was a young rich man turned Army sniper turned Evangelist turned independent Vampire Hunter.  (Another iteration had him working for The Inquisition.)  After disbanding The Victory of God Evangelical Church, Jonathan discovered the existence of vampires, and joined forces with some mages and Garou in Albuquerque, NM.  His daughter found him, but shortly thereafter was turned into a vampire herself (see Tatterdemalion.) 

Khamsin - DC Heroes RPG 3rd - GMPC - Ali ibn-Ghazi was the crown prince of Qurac.  He and his sister, Samarah, had been caught in a terrible desert storm.  When it was over, there was only Ali, and he found that the wind and fire were at his command.  He came to a futuristic North America in search of his sister, who he was in fact, sharing space with.  They had been claimed by Fire and Wind to be the Elementals, but somehow how merged into one.  (GK: 2043)

Merciful Angel - Vampire: The Masquerade (2nd ed) - PC and NPC - Originally created for the online MUSH Texas By Twilight, Mercy was a human teenager, a former member of a street gang in NYC who fled after killing one of her fellow members.  She ended up in Dallas, Texas, where she eventually was Embraced into Clan Toreador.  I've created a detailed mythos involving this character and she will have a page of her own to be sure.  (Texas by Twilight, others)

Mighty Joe - Marvel Superheroes RPG (Advanced and house rules) - PC - Note: though this game is run with the Marvel ruleset, it is set in the DCU, modern and mostly canon timeline.  Mighty Joe is a former soldier turned lackey of Gorilla Grodd.  After Grodd abandoned his followers when the Flash (Wally West) defeated his plan, Joe ended up working as support staff for the Suicide Squad.  While there, an accident happened, giving Joe the ability to alter his appearance and other powers (in addition to his powerful strength) - in the wreckage of the lab accident, Joe escaped, only to be later captured and placed in Iron Heights, where he was freed by the other PCs and ended up joining them.  [Ongoing campaign, I joined in Feb 2001 - tabletop game, though I Skype in to play.]

Mojo Fetish - Shadowrun 1st and 2nd - PC and NPC - Albert d'Eleanor, a young man from Haiti, came to Seattle, called by the spirits.  A shaman of Coyote, Mojo spends the majority of his time inebriated or under the influence of marijuana, seeking to hide from his personal demons. 

Morgan The White - AD&D 2ed, Rolemaster - PC - Morgan Aininas of Soravia (world of Taranche)   The youngest son of a wealthy mercantile family, Morgan joined the army to spit in the face of his parents.  He rose in ranks to the command of The White Company, a special forces unit of crossbowmen.  During a key battle of The Goblin Wars, The White Company sacrificed theirselves to hold a pass long enough for the rest of the army to sweep north of the goblins and wipe them out.  The entire company was killed off, and Morgan was believed dead.  After being nursed to health by a witch, he discovered that he'd reached some iconic status in his homeland; not willing to live up to the legend, he became a mercenary... originally crafted for the "Screams of the Raven" campaign, Morgan has seen several iterations. 

Rudolph Giovanni - Vampire The Masquerade 2nd - PC - The chief librarian for Clan Giovanni in North America, Rudolph is an Elder vampire of the clan.  Rotund and scholarly, Rudolph's appearance belies his power.  Served faithfully by Gislin, his descendent and ghoul, who collects blood of children for Rudolph to drink. 

Sweet - World of Darkness 2nd ed - PC - Ali ibn-Ghazi, a female impersonator/pre-op trans-sexual prostitute, Ali was raised as a girl by his mother (also a street whore.)  Sweet spent the majority of her time associated with vampires and magi, but never knew the reality of the world about her. 

Tatterdemalion - Vampire The Masquerade 2nd - PC and NPC - The daughter of Jonathan Victory, Tatiana Victory came to Albuquerque in search of her father.  Shortly after their introduction (he'd left, unaware that her mother was pregnant - different iterations of Jon had different mothers for Tatty), the local vampires grabbed and Embraced Tatty as a Nosferatu.  The shock of becoming a monster shattered her mind.  Tatterdemalion has the emotional maturity of a child and the mind of a highly intelligent woman.   

The Weasel - AD&D 1st, freeform - Taon, born to a housekeeper and a mercenary, grew up in Oerth's Free City of Greyhawk, eventually apprenticing under a master thief.  After leaving Greyhawk to find fame and fortune (and succeeding in both) he ended up on the wrong side of a curse that forced him to work for the forces of Law.  By time he was in his fourth decade, he'd settled down from a life of adventuring and was building a network of information-gathering.  

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