Mighty Joe



Name: unrevelaed

Alias: Joseph Young

Age: adult, young

Appearance: Though capable of appearing in any number of guises, Mighty Joe generally appears as a tall (6'4") black man, clean shaven and shaved head, muscular build.  His costume has no symbol, and is dark black (so black that it is hard to determine what color it is - it has a dull nature to it.)  Were it not for his impressive build and size, he would easily blend into a crowd - he seems to be of very average appearance. 

Personality: Joe is not very talkative, instead he prefers to sit back and listen.  When he has something to contribuute, he has no qualms speaking his part.  He is not terribly gregarious, but he is not aloof - in fact, he is friendly and a good listener.  He seems to often be in tune with people's emotions, even when they are trying to hide them.

Powers: He has the strength of many men, extreme ruggedness, the ability to alter his appearance.  Thus far, he has taken forms from that of a Girl Scout and a 7 year old boy to tall, powerful men and forms in between.  His transformation seems to be instataneous, and he can also mimick voices. 

Skills: Joe is a skilled mechanic, adept at repairing mechanical and electronic devices.  He also is a skilled combatant, in melee, thrown and unarmed situations.  He carries a truncheon and several types of thrown weapons. 

(more details and graphics to come)


Check back later for excerpts from Joe's Journal

"Inauspicious Beginnings" - After the breakout that brought Joe into the team, they stop to let Captain Boomerang off in Central City, and Boomerbutt takes Joe aside for a quick talk. 

"Dream a Dream of Joe" - The group is driving after being displaced from one city to another, after a less than positive meeting with The Penguin, and after conversation, Joe drifts off to sleep.  (posted 3.15.2011)

LAST UPDATED: 3.15.2011