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This is a recap of roleplaying campaigns that I've run in the past.  Some will have their own page(s) linked to from here, as I flesh them out. 

(Unnamed Greyhawk Game) 1985-85, AD&D 1st edition - Epic Fantasy

My first real, story-based campaign.  My best friend Tom Smith and his brother Robert were the two players and they played an anti-paladin and a gnome illusionist, respectively.  Raistlin was my major NPC, whom they worked for, but eventually turned against.  (Yes, I know Raistlin was from Krynn.  I was 15-16 years old... gimme a break.)

(Unnamed Superhero Game) 1989, Marvel Superheroes Adventure Game - Superheroics

The unnamed (or well, it's been almost 20 years, maybe I've just forgotten) group of heroes faced off against a variety of threats; there was no over-arching megaplot (that I can recall), though we did have several recurring villains - a (loosely) elemental-based team of villains and Nazi-Earth. 

The Nightstalkers 1990, DC Heroes RPG 2nd edition - Superheroics

The Nightstalkers, a group of mystic/occult/supernaturally oriented heroes, face evil in Gotham City.  They find it hard to help out when The Batman doesn't appreciate people cutting into his territory.  Superhuman bad guys, Gotham's Greatest Hero whooping their asses, and even an Apokoliptan Arch-Nemesis made for a fun game. 

The Charge of the Eridani Light Horse 1990-91, Mechwarrior 2nd edition - Scifi

What started out as a Battletech only game, we converted it to Mechwarrior when new players joined and were interested in roleplaying in the B-Tech universe as well as playing the boardgame.  The players were part of the Eridani, when the Clans came in.  The players were part of a brigade that were set up and left to die (and the sad thing is, I can't remember the details.)  They went rogue (not that they had any choice - if they returned they would have been court-martialed and executed for treason), eventually ending up on Solaris VII, the arena world where 'mechs battled in a combat league. 

A Quest For the Rings 1991-1992; AD&D 2nd edition - Extremely Epic Fantasy

What started out as a Lankhmar campaign (Sword and Sorcery based on the writings of Fritz Leiber) eventually turned into the most over-the-top fantasy game I've ever ran.  At the time I was planning to never run AD&D again, so I decided to make this the ultimate farewell to the system; the heroes went from world to world (generally by Spelljamming technology) to collect twelve magic rings that would form keys to a multidimensional center, where the Balance had to be tipped in the favour of one of the Axes - Law, Chaos, Good or Evil. 

A Year in the Shadows 1994-95; Shadowrun 2nd edition - Cyberpunk/Fantasy

Started off as a standard Shadowrun game, set in Seattle.  Spliced in the events from the Harlequin adventurebook as "flashbacks" - repressed memories that the 'runners had, which were gradually uncovered.  In the "present day", multiple sub-plots were unraveling, some unrelated, but some connected to the over-arching plot involving the Immortal Elves (Harlequin, his rival, as well as a couple of my own invention) and of course, the dragon, Dunkelzahn.  This campaign ended with the group splitting up into pairs and fleeing Seattle for fear of Yakuza reprisal.  This led into...A Darker Year (see below)

Sabbat Chronicle 1995, Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd ed - Modern Horror/Fantasy

A mini-chronicle about a group of Sabbat vampires, who go around doing terrible things and such.  This game was really fun, but I'm glad it was a mini-chronicle; I don't mind walking down the dark path in the name of a good story... and there was some fun in the telling, but this sort of thing just really isn't my bag.  I don't "get" the Sabbat, really, outside of being The Enemy.  This was the first appearance of the Lord High Pumpkin/Pumpkin King, and the scene where the vampires bit into his pumpkin-head was just hilarious. 

A Darker Year 1995-1996, Shadowrun 2nd edition - Cyberpunk/Fantasy

We started off with the group split up in pairs, across Europe and North America; after an adventure for each duo, the team reunited in Denver.  There, some loose ends from the previous campaign were tied up as new threads were introduced and the mega-plot was furthered.  We learned of a prophecy involving one of the characters and her sacrifice.  Death showed its hand before the team was contracted to go into Bug City and found it impossible to get out when they were screwed over (in Shadowrun?  Say it isn't so!)  Finally, Harlequin gathered them into the Astral Plane for the adventure in Harlequin's Back, which was the end of the campaign. 

London Knights 1997-98, Fuzion - Fantasy/Superheroics

An alternate Earth, where the Holy Germanic Empire rules continental Europe; Emporer Adolf I has passed on, his son, Adolf II rules in his stead.  Magic once was a solid part of this world but is fading; elves and other fae once walked with man, but now only their bloodlines remain.  King Charles and Queen Diana rule Britain with dignity and capability (hey, it's a fantasy) and have put together a team of sanctioned operatives, all with special powers and abilities.  Game only got a few sessions in before having to be dropped because of drastic life situations. 

NYC by Night 1998, Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd (extreme variant) - Modern Horror/Fantasy

Game ran in county jail; I didn't have the ruleset available, only what I could recall from memory.  No dice, so the inmates made six sided dice out of soap and toilet tissue and we faked our way through the dice rolls.  The (very short) story of three vampires in The Big Apple and the Nosferatu Primogen who turned out to be a Nictuku. 

3 Stone/Blades/Evils Phase I 2000, AD&D 2nd edition - Epic Fantasy

Ran in federal prison; incomplete system ran using PHB, DMG and one of the Player's Options Books.  Phase I dealt with the heroes fighting against evils, setting free a red dragon, a ship of talking animal-humanoids, and 3 magical stones.  Oh, and time travel. 

Malahide By Night 2004, Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd rev - Modern Horror/Fantasy

(Solo game for firechild) The tale of a young artist ghouled to a toreador, and the faerie prince she fell in love with.  Appearances by Merciful Angel, Albion (WoD-ised).  Short-lived. 

Gotham Knights: 2043 2004-2005, DC Heroes RPG 3rd - Superheroics

Online/Play-By-Post game set in an alternate DCU where Superman went mad in 2005; 38 years later, Prime Minister Bruce Wayne of The Social Republic of Gotham unveils his new super-team, The Gotham Knights.  Political intrigue, vampires, time travel, and oh, yes, Apokoliptans.  After one year of RL gameplay and 8 issues, the game was ended due to a variety of problems. 

Grendel Tales 2006, FATE - Scifi/Action

Online/Play-By-Post game set in the future of Matt Wagner's Grendel Tales universe.  A quickly aborted game that was poorly executed on multiple levels.  Mercifully short-lived.

Gotham Knights: 1943 2007 DC Heroes RPG 3rd - Superheroics

The 'prequel' game, which is also a sequel of sorts, to GK:2043; a group of heroes in 1943 are collected to stop the Nazis from opening portals to Hell.  Ghosts, vampires, and, oh, yes, Apokoliptans.  Ended because of lack of player interest and GM frustration with the story.  As it stands now (Aug 2010), this is the last game I've run...

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